A good lifting solution takes more than choosing the right product

Guldmann has more than 20 years of experience in developing and delivering 'lifting solutions' to care organisations all over the world. Thus we have gained a unique knowledge of handling the many problems attached to the increasing need for moving and transferring. And there is no doubt, it takes more than delivering the right product.

Efficient working processes, staff competence, and sound economy

A complete solution should be sure to meet the care organisation's ambitions of a good working environment. It is necessary to consider new efficient working processes and staff competence, when you choose your lifting solution. And, of course, it should be the economically most sound solution possible.

At Guldmann we want to make sure that it will not only be a matter of products, when finding the right solution. Therefore, we have developed a new system, which we call CareLift Management.

CareLift Management – from dialogue to solution

The system is based on a structured dialogue, which systematically uncovers the individual needs for a lifting solution. Through this dialogue with our customers we explore the many advantages, which the right solution can give the organisation.

With the CareLift Management concept, Guldmann can offer to be your competent sparring partner. A consultant who has deep knowledge of the daily lifting challenges and who knows how to give you the optimum basis for making decisions concerning your choice of lifting solutions.


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