Time to care – How to make Design matter ?

The theme of the 2011 Time to Care arrangement was design and layout of the future hospitals and nursing homes.


Is it possible to create a design that provides for both a good working environment for the employees and encourages the healing processes for the patients and the elderly persons, and at the same time supports the efficiency in the “production” – and finally satisfies the desire for a beautiful architecture at the same time?


This was the introduction to a debate.


Guldmann had invited a number of recognized architects, engineers, hospital and nursing home managers from different parts of the word to focus on the common challenges – and discuss and share their experience within design in the health sector with the participants in the arrangement.

The arrangement alternated between lectures, discussions and networking across national borders and professional groups – and during the three days of the arrangement the participants were – by different professional approaches - presented many different suggestions of what good, flexible and functional design is and not least which and how many external factors that may influence the choice of design and layout.

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